We will prune, fell, remove trees, pollard, reduce, crown lift, and copics. If you require any of the logs, we can process and stack them for you, we also offer emergency call, we also undertake woodland management and commerical tree work and commerical site clearance,

We have explained all our techniques underneath for you to understand.


Crown Thinning

Reducing the denisty of the tree allowing more light inot your garden or property, this also allows wind to flow through the tree more freely, reducing the risk of limb or tree failure.


Crown Reduction

Reducing the size of the tree creating a healthy balance between the trees environmental needs and your requirement, a maximum of 30% should be taken annaually for specific species


Crown Lifting

Removing the lower branches of a tree, allowing light to get to other planting, garden or property, another advantage of this is access underneath for mowing or maintance.



Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow, it is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height.



safe removal of tree including confined space where sectional dismatling would be recommended.


Sectional Dismantal

Climbing the tree and removing branch and truck section by section lowering each piece doing using rigging technique to avoid damage to the property and srrounding area.



Coppicing is taking the tree down to a low level stump and allowing regrowth, coming found in woodland management technique,

We also supply tree inspection and surveys, and tree and hedge planting.



Our other services

Logs, kindling and wood chippings for sale. Please contact us for prices.



Great Oaktree Land Services provides a professional service for every job undertaken.

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